PyIMSL™ Studio®

Prototype to Production Development Environment for Analytic Applications

PyIMSL StudioPyIMSL Studio is a collection of development tools and numerical algorithms for modelers and implementation teams creating analytic applications. With PyIMSL Studio, prototype work is transformed into production faster and with less complexity, cost and risk than using multiple tools. The key component of PyIMSL Studio is PyIMSL, a set of Python wrappers to the algorithms in the IMSL C Library. PyIMSL is included with PyIMSL Studio and also available as a separate download. To request the separate download, please contact us

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  • Create innovative analytic applications using a broad collection of high quality mathematical and statistical algorithms
  • Increase productivity by leveraging the easy-to-use Python scripting language and tools for prototyping and the same underlying tools for production applications
  • Move prototypes into production applications faster using a cohesive, integrated toolset
  • Reduce risk and rework-time by using the same underlying numerical algorithms for both prototypes and production applications

Telephone and email support, and forum access are available to users with a paid subscription to PyIMSL Studio. Support provides rapid turnaround on questions and depth of knowledge in Python and other languages. PyIMSL Studio support covers both open source and commercial components for all licensed users. 

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Move analytic prototypes into production quickly using a cohesive, integrated toolset



PyIMSL Studio contains both open source and proprietary components that create a fully supported and documented platform for analytic prototyping and production development.

  • For prototyping, a number of open source tools including Python, NumPy, Eclipse, matplotlib and commercial components from Rogue Wave, Inc. are available for Python, including PyIMSL Python wrappers to the mathematics and statistics algorithms in the IMSL C Library. This combination of tools provides a rich environment for prototype development.
  • For production deployment, PyIMSL Studio includes the IMSL C Library. Other I/O and data filtering components are available in both Python and C to further support deployment. Using the IMSL C Library provides parity between prototype and production code.

PyIMSL Studio contains both Python open source and proprietary components

Learn more about these components and other key features of PyIMSL Studio. 

The Python component of PyIMSL Studio is available without charge for non-commercial use (direct use of the IMSL C library is available only to paid users). Non-commercial is defined here as use by individuals for personal, non-paid activities and educational use. A term-limiting license will be granted for three months and must be updated yearly to continue using the product for non-commercial use. Please see our Non-Commercial Use FAQ for additional information. To renew your non-commercial license key, please contact us at

Source code for all open source components of PyIMSL Studio are available from their respective on-line repositories. The packaging and installation of binary versions of open source software and proprietary Rogue Wave components constitute the licensed software.

Support for non-commercial use is limited to the PyIMSL Studio Forum with no specific guarantees that questions will be researched or answered by Rogue Wave engineers.


PyIMSL is a collection of Python wrappers to the mathematical and statistical algorithms in the IMSL C Library. PyIMSL is available as part of the PyIMSL Studio product or as a separate download. (To request the separate download, please contact us at PyIMSL is unique in that developers get 100% consistency between the mathematical and statistical algorithms used for prototyping as used for production. Developers can use Python and PyIMSL for rapid prototyping. Using IMSL C Library in a production C application, developers can get the same mathematics and statistics algorithms in both development environments.


Benefits of PyIMSL

  • Consistent results between prototype and production applications. Because PyIMSL wraps IMSL C Library algorithms, an application written initially in PyIMSL and then ported to C/C++ will leverage the same algorithms and deliver the same results.
  • Numerical library accessibility. With PyIMSL, Rogue Wave continues to deliver the industry’s most accessible library of math and statistical algorithms. Developers can now access IMSL Library functionality from Python in addition to having native C, Java, .NET, and Fortran options.
  • Advanced numerical analysis for Python. PyIMSL delivers industry-proven and commercially seasoned IMSL C Library algorithms in the Python language.

Features of PyIMSL

  • Fully tested, supported, and documented numerical analysis for Python. PyIMSL provides an interface to commercially tested and proven numerical libraries.
  • Consistent library API between Python and C. The PyIMSL API closely matches the IMSL C Library API, making production use of the mathematics and statistics in C applications as simple as calling the same API.

PyIMSL is available at no charge to current IMSL C Library customers or is available with PyIMSL Studio. Developers must have the IMSL C Library V5.5 or higher installed to use PyIMSL. More information about the IMSL C Library is available for developers who are not yet IMSL C Library or PyIMSL Studio customers. 

Python development with PyIMSL is supported on Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux (32-bit and 64-bit), and Mac OS X. Developers taking PyIMSL prototype models to production in C or C++ using the IMSL C Library have an extensive list of supported computing platforms to choose from for production applications.