Dynamic memory debugging for monitoring heap allocations, memory leaks, memory overruns, and memory usage

Rogue Wave Software's advanced memory debugging and analysis capability helps you identify and resolve difficult memory problems in C, C++ and Fortran. It provides a graphical, real-time view into heap memory, memory usage, memory allocation bounds violations and memory leaks, without instrumentation. Its built-in scripting language makes batch mode testing easy and efficient; incorporate the scripts into your nightly processing to verify that new development has introduced no new memory errors.


  • MemoryScape ScreenshotHeap information display
  • Memory leak detection
  • Memory event tracking
  • Corrupted memory detection
  • Memory usage and information reports
  • Irrelevant information filters
  • Automated memory debugging with scripts
  • Ability to save and compare memory states
  • Memory debugging of MPI programs
  • Remote memory debugging
  • Ability to view contents of blocks
  • Intuitive navigation
"We switched from Purify to MemoryScape for debugging memory problems in our application. MemoryScape had the functionality and support we needed. When a problem occurs, MemoryScape's GUI provides a very clear view of the source of the problem, and its scripting interface allows us to automate the bug detection process and use it preventively. Now, we run MemoryScape continuously, around the clock. It has been very effective in uncovering the hidden latent errors in our code. It finds problems that defy the regular testing methods, and it allows us to fix them proactively."
Nick Monyatovsky, Software Engineer, Dassault/3DS/SIMULIA

MemoryScape is available as a standalone application or as part of the TotalView Debugger.