Rogue Wave® Hydra

Combining the performance of C++ with the productivity of Java programming environments and the scalability of a proven service grid.

C++ continues to provide the advantages of high performance, memory efficiency, and low latency. However, the cost to develop and manage C++ -based services is high due to project complexity, and the lack of modern development and deployment frameworks catering to both C++ and Java.

Rogue Wave® Hydra is an integrated development and deployment framework for delivery of both C++ and Java service-based applications. The IDE shortens development lifecycles and increases quality over command line environments. Rogue Wave® Hydra's deployment environment provides high scalability through configurable, parallel service execution across threads, processors or servers.

HydraExpress and HydraSDO® are now a part of Rogue Wave® Hydra.


Rogue Wave® Hydra is comprised of an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) and a deployment environment with administrative, and management features.


  • Eclipse-based environment
  • C++ and Java service generation and debugging
  • High speed XML parsing
  • Database connectivity

Deployment Environment

  • Parallel message processing and service grid capability that does not require explicit programming for multi-threading
  • Support of C++, Java and BPEL
  • Load balancing
  • Failover and high availability
  • Supports HTTP (S), JMS, AJP13 and Objectivity/DB transports. Can be customized to support additional transport requirements.

Administrative and management features

  • Runtime is configurable for parallel and multi-threaded execution of services without requirement for explicit multi-threading programming.
  • Service-level feed for business intelligence or dashboard applications


Features and Benefits

C++ and Java service generation The Eclipse-based IDE allows for the creation of both C++ and Java projects, including all the files necessary to support a service: a WSDL document, skeleton source files to implement the service, and an SCA composite file to describe the service components. Service code can be regenerated if a WSDL is modified.
C++ and Java debugging Services can be easily debugged using MSVC or the GNU toolchain (for C++) and Eclipse (for Java) tools.
High-speed XML parsing Rogue Wave® Hydra supports the Service Data Object (SDO) specification, which addresses cross-platform data compatibility issues in SOA development. High performance is achieved through low memory usage, optimization for very large XML documents.
Database connectivity Rogue Wave® Hydra utilizes both the Service Data Object (SDO) specification and the enterprise-class database support of SourcePro DB to provide a data source-independent database representation.
Multi-language service interaction Provides the ability for C++, Java, and BPEL services to directly invoke each other in-memory, providing high performance service interaction.
Content-based routing Parallel message processing with the ability to guarantee order of execution. Routing rules are simple to configure and customize.
Load balancing Load balancing is customizable, from the standard round-robin approach to balancing using rules customized for specific business needs.
Failover and high availability Rogue Wave® Hydra provides several types of high availability support, and can be customized to support additional variants. Persistence and restoration of messages is supported, as is message replay.
Broad transport support Provides out-of-the-box support for HTTP(S), JMS, AJP13, and Objectivity/DB, and can be easily customized to support additional transports.
Configurable parallelism Execute multiple instances of a service across threads, processes or servers and change configuration without changing application code.
Eclipse-based administration tools The Eclipse-based IDE reduces time required to configure and manage multiple runtime instances, and provides a convenient to view the status of Rogue Wave® Hydra runtimes.
Service-level instrumentation Feed real-time business or system information to business intelligence (BI) or systems management applications.

What's New

Rogue Wave® Hydra Edition 4.3 provides Eclipse-based development and deployment of services.

New features/enhancements include:

  • Complete runtime management within the IDE.
  • Creation of both C++ and Java service projects, including all the files necessary to support a service.
  • Automated deployment to multiple runtimes.
  • Integrated debugging of C++ and Java services.
  • IDE tailored to Rogue Wave® Hydra development, with a perspective that provides helpful hints, links to documentation, and shortcuts to commonly used wizards and tasks. Wizards and cheat sheets guide the user through all phases of service development, including runtime management, service development, and deployment.