HiBeam Overview

HiBeam brings you the ICS Triplex ISaGRAF embedded web technology. It turns your device or controller into an embedded web and data server. Valves, pumps, meters can now display data over the Internet. Hibeam includes tools for interfacing with controller-based data through a standard web browser. It is used both to display device data and/or to act on the controller data remotely over the Internet. The embedded data server is event based and minimizes bandwidth usage.

The screen builder generates the industrial HTML pages. The runtime gathers and dispatches the data, while the toolkit gives you access to the portable source code so that you can implement HiBeam Technology on any OS or device.

HiBeam Main Components

  • HiBeam Screen Builder
  • Data Server
  • Toolkits

HiBeam Screen Builder

HiBeam Screen Builder screenshotThe Screen Builder is used to create an HTML based HMI. The Screen Builder tool is supplied with a rich set of ready-to-use objects, either for static or animated drawing.

The Screen Builder also allows the settings of some animation effects for graphic objects. Effects will be operated by the java applet according to controller data. An object can move, rotate, blink, be resized or hidden.

The Screen Builder also provides the possibility to combine (group) some objects together and to attach new animation effects to the group. An application designed with the Screen Builder and operated by the applet can also be composed of several screens, linked together by "hot link" buttons.

Data Server

HiBeam Data, FTP and web servers can be embedded anywhere: on a controller, within a DCS, CNC or drive, in a SCADA/RTU system or in a sensor or transmitter. In such architectures, the data and web servers are used to gather the controller/device data and to distribute those data values to JAVA applets running in web browsers. Communication between the data server and the applet is smart and event-based for low network loading and high performance.

The HiBeam system allows an applet (operating one screen) to communicate with several data servers embedded in controllers or running on separate hardware platforms. The data server implementation and its communication system have been designed for high portability. It ensures high performance and requires few processor or memory resources.

HiBeam applet


The HiBeam Development Toolkits empower high volume equipment manufacturers to implement the HiBeam Servers on many different runtime engines, using the standard Screen Builder to design graphical pages of their process or system.

A full set of Development Toolkit products are available for customization of the servers and Screen Builder, including:

  • Custom Java Applets
  • Communication interface
  • Customization tools for the Screen Builder

HiBeam Development Toolkits give the "C" code developer the source files needed to port the Data Servers to specific hardware platforms and operating systems, link the data Server to an IXL or any other data source and customize the Screen Builder.