Wind River Products

Wind River platform solutions tightly integrate an Eclipse-based, end-to-end, integrated development suite with a choice of Wind River Linux or VxWorks operating systems, a rich set of middleware run-time technologies, worldwide customer support, and professional training to enhance your team's capabilities. Wind River platforms can reduce effort, cost, and risk, as well as optimize quality and reliability at all phases of the device software development process, from concept to deployed product.

Wind River Real-Time Core for Linux

This enables guaranteed real-time response for applications ranging from single-core feature phones and high-bandwidth IP communications to robotics and industrial control. This technology is regarded in the industry as one of the best, most mature, guaranteed real-time Linux solutions available today.

Wind River Workbench

Wind River Workbench is the industry's first and only Eclipse-based open device software development solution, offering deep capability across the entire development process in a single scalable, integrated suite. Workbench addresses the challenges individual developers and project teams face by increasing productivity, enabling collaboration between hardware and software developers, and meeting diverse development needs across an enterprise. The Workbench product line offers four configurations, enabling businesses to outfit their device software developers with a specific package tuned to their particular requirements.

Wind River Test Management

Wind River Test Management consists of two interoperable products that create a powerful, enterprise-wide infrastructure to enable development and software quality assurance (SQA) engineers to streamline the SQA process. Benefits include faster time-to-market, higher-quality products, and the ability to rapidly and remotely diagnose and repair software defects.

Wind River Field Diagnostics

Wind River Field Diagnostics is a scalable, secure remote diagnostics system that enables device manufacturers to observe, diagnose, and resolve problems on remotely deployed devices. It helps improve the end customer experience, reduce service costs, and increase service revenue.

Development Tools

Wind River delivers advanced, standards-based on-chip debugging tools that simplify the hardware development process and seamlessly integrate hardware, firmware, and software debugging. Based on industry-standard (Eclipse) and patent-pending hardware diagnostic capabilities, Wind River on-chip debugging solutions combine hardware debugging with a project-based, integrated development environment to reduce development costs and complexity.

Wind River on-chip debugging (JTAG) solutions include the following:

RoHS/WEEE Compliance

All products shipped by Wind River are in compliance with European Union RoHS and WEEE requirements.