About Aonix

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Aonix is a leading global supplier of solutions for mission-critical software applications. By providing integrated best-of-breed products and professional services for software development, Aonix enables organizations to improve quality and productivity while reducing technical risks and overall costs. The company provides a set of complementary products that can be used together or combined with other available tools to help customers in their software development process. Aonix tools are designed to be supportive of market standards, flexible, and adaptable to specific customers needs. Aonix solutions reflect 20 years of experience with innovative technologies. The company's products and technologies guarantee the high quality level required by strategic and long-lived software systems.

With its roots going back to 1980, Aonix represents the accumulation of mission critical knowledge from a number of successful companies, including Alsys, TeleSoft, Interactive Development Environments, and most recently, Newmonics. The focus of the company's technologies today is in supporting the productive implementation of mission critical software, with an emphasis on the special needs of the most rigorous and complex real-time and embedded applications. Aonix's products are used in many market sectors, including Avionics, Space, Defence, Transportation, Network Infrastructure, Telecoms, Office Automation, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Energy and Medical.

Aonix's key technologies today are designed to support real-time Java developers and Ada developers focused on mission critical applications. The company's dedication to this market is reflected in its innovative technologies including the PERC, ObjectAda, AdaWorld, and RAVEN product families. Aonix specifically addresses the needs for safety critical applications by providing solutions compliant to the market standards (DO-178B, ARINC-653, EN 50128, IEC61508, IEC 880, etc.). Aonix also supports developers of complex Motif-based graphical user interfaces with the TeleUSE product line. Professional training, consulting services, and local technical support guarantee its customers the successful development and deployment of their applications.

Aonix is headquartered in the US in San Diego, California and in Europe in Paris, France. The company also operates two European subsidiaries located in Germany and the United Kingdom. Aonix has three development centers worldwide as well as 11 offices handling direct sales in North America, 6 offices in Europe and nine international distributors.